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island. my brother-in-law goes from suffolk to nassau counties, nassau and west is where it gets bad approaching the city and the danger up there -- my mother-in-law said we don't go out at night. the lights are all out and people aren't obeying the stop sign at a dark intersection. so yeah. that's going to be that way for a while unfortunately up there. we are -- still recovering down here. and today, those even with a little bit of high water. we have a coastal flood warning until 2:00 this afternoon and this covers washington basically for the potomac river area. the tidal potomac. as we're looking at some of the tides that could be 2, maybe 2.5 feet above normal. which would be moderate flatting. at about -- flooding. at about 10:44. a little bit of flooding especially down on king street. you know the drill down there. bus stop forecast, it's cloudy and chilly once again. we have a stray sprinkle or two north and west of town. sunrise still an hour and 20 away. 7:36. going to hit daylight savings time over the weekend and be about 6:40 or so on monday. for the sunrise. our day p
if you decided to stay, law enforcement most likely will not be able to come and get you. some people are trapped about 15 miles south of here, trapped in flooding. the national guard and local law enforcement are in the process of going in and trying to get them out. so some folks did not heed that warning. it's starting to get a little bit dicey as hurricane sandy moves a little closer to us. i want to show you all a little bit more of the boardwalk, kind of our setup here. if we take a look down this way towards where we're staying at the atlantic sands hotel, you can see completely deserted but not a ton of flooding on the boardwalk yet. that's some great news. keep in mind we're still about an hour away from high tide. if we go down -- excuse me. tripping over this cord here. if we go down over this way, you can see we've got lights still on. power still going strong. not a ton of debris. i've got to say we're looking pretty good over here on the boardwalk side. again it's the bay side that people are so worried about. i think as we're standing out here, what's really shocking is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2